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(Intercommunications Publishing, Inc.)
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For 30 years we have provided Premarriage programs to Churches, Marriage Counselors, Psychologists, Family Life Offices, Campus Ministers and Couples.  For many years we stood as the only program available.
Since our beginning we have advanced from a hand-scored format to a complete internet process which is the easiest to use of any on the market today. 
Encryption is key to our success because we respect the privacy of the couples and their thoughts about their relationship.
We pride ourselves in having questions which are on point with the issues each couple will face in marriage.
Our Programs are the most widely used and created for every premarriage situation.
IPI serves every Christian demonination in the United States and Canada.
All of our Programs have been statistically validated using results from  thousands of respondants.
All Inventories are non-demoninational.
Studies show the overwhelming number of marriages in the United States are cross - christian.  In our beginning the authors knew of this and intentionally designed the Programs in a fashion which did not give preference to any one religious denomination.
Easy to use.
Our programs are simple in their design but thorough in their result. 
Booklet format.
This was the original method of administering the Programs.  To begin, we recommend purchasing a 'kit' which contains all materials necessary for one couple.
Online Version
Please refer to the Online Version link on our site.
All Programs are available in both English and Spanish.
No Training or Certification is Required.
Other Programs require you to be trained and certified to use their inventories.  We do not.  There is no reason for 'training'.  Because of the simplicity of the process of analyizing the Reports and discussing same with the Couple, we believe your training and experience are more than sufficient.

We hope you will consider using our Programs and look forward to working with you.