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IPI Profile

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The charge for one couple is $50.00.  It includes the online Profile and an in-depth graphic and textual report for discussion.
You may use Amex/Visa/Mastercard/Discover or Paypal
NOTE:  You will be directed to another webpage to complete your Credit Card transaction.
ALSO: If your Clergy/Counselor wishes the Report sent directly to them, please provide their email on the INSTRUCTION portion of the Credit Card address form.
Thank you for taking time to complete the Program.

I wish to buy the IMI Profile
(for use in all intermarriage situations)

Spanish Version

I wish to buy the PMI Profile
(use when neither of you have been previously married)

Spanish Version

I wish to buy the RMI Profile
(use when either of you have been previously married or there are children outside of marriage)

Spanish Version

I wish to buy the VMI Profile
(use if you are living together and/or wish to have the Church bless your marriage)

Spanish Version


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