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Profile Example

Each Profile contains approximately 140 - 150 questions which can be completed online in 30-35 minutes.
11 - 13 Categories such as Family, Finances, Religion, Interest & Activities are included.
There is even a section which asks your thoughts about commitment, the need to be married, the desireability of marriage and more.
The Profile you receive will contain two sections; one, textual and the other graphic. 
There are three responses to each question; Male response, Female response and Suggested response (based on thousands of couples). 
The graph is broken into four parts, 
Him as a % to the Suggested response,
Her as a % to the Suggested response,
A % of agreement between the Couple
Couple as a % to the Suggested response.
See the examples below

Category: Interests and Activities
  ?# M F S Question
  1 A A A We share many of the same interests.
  2 A A A My future husband/wife feels comfortable with most of my friends.
+ 21 A A D My future husband/wife is too busy for us to do enough things together.
  22 A A A I am comfortable with most of my future husband's/wife's friends.


Interests and Activities Him 57%
Her 57%
Cpl 100%
Both 57%
Role Expectations Him 75%
Her 75%
Cpl 100%
Both 75%

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